Old Music on Tape

I recently received some kind words of encouragement from a listener in France, regarding my (very) old cassette tape release “Entrance” on Poison Plant.  He also asked if I had the original tapes and planned on releasing it for digital download. The answer is, yes, I have those tapes, and much else besides:

There are many hours of unreleased music in there as well. There are two problems: 1) I don’t have a reel to reel player and the dbx noise reduction for it. But worse, these tapes sat in an Arizona garage for many years and all of the splicing tape has dried up and lost it’s adhesion. The last time I played any of these tapes the edits just fell apart as it played. So I’ll have to re-splice all of these tapes to digitize them, as well as buy a player and the NR to go with.

It’ll happen! But it might take a while as my priority is always on producing new music, and that’s what gets my time. But my intention is to make microrelease the platform for all of my released, and releaseable music. These tapes are will get included eventually, as well as my 2005 CD “The Wasteland”, the master for which sits on a dead hard drive that I need to get recovered.

So stay tuned, more, much more, is coming.